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Something about your smile you’d like to change?

Looking for a brighter smile? If your teeth have become discoloured then we recommend you talk to us first as not all people's teeth are the same and products obtained in retail stores may not be suitable, or even work for you.

Come in and talk to us first and we can help advice you on the best course of treatment for you.

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What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth Whitening is the use of bleaching agents to lighten the colour of teeth. Discolouration of the teeth often occurs as the result of things such as: superficial staining due to lifestyle factors (coffee, tea, red wine or smoking), age, poor oral hygiene and certain medications. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for tooth whitening. There are a number of factors that affect suitability and we advise anybody interested in teeth whitening to consult one of our dental professionals for an informed evaluation.

What we offer

We currently offer two systems of Teeth Whitening, the ZoomTM In-Office Whitening Treatment, and the PolaTM Take-Home Whitening Kit. Both offer comparable whitening results however, clinically, one can be more suitable for some patients, than others. We strongly recommend patients attending for a pre-whitening consultation with one of our dentists to establish which system would work best for you and the result you might be able to expect

Talk to us first about the best way to whiten your teeth..


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