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Preventative Dentistry Alkimos

Preventative dentistry is an important part of what we do at Alkimos Beach Dental Centre.
Preventative treatments encompass everything from regular dental examinations, X-rays and OPGs, fissure sealants to fitting mouth guards and splint-therapy for those with problems grinding their teeth.


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General Examinations and Cleans

At Alkimos Beach Dental we encourage our patients to see us on a regular basis. Regular checkups involve a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, followed up by a descaling and clean where necessary. It's all part of an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure you maintain your teeth in optimal condition, thereby avoiding future costly procedures.

Why Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-Rays assist the dentist in gaining a clear understanding the condition of your teeth or a particular tooth may be in. Different X-Rays are used to examine different aspects of your mouth.\ For instance:- Bite-wing X-rays show details of the upper and lower teeth in one area of the mouth. ... Periapical X-rays show the whole tooth -- from the crown to beyond the end of the root to where the tooth is anchored in the jaw. ... Occlusal X-rays are larger and show full tooth development and placement. The X-Rays used today are safe and effective allowing your dentist to determine the right course of action if any is required.

If your experiencing discomfort with your wisdom teeth please call us.

Mouth Guards

We provide a range of  mouthguards for different purposes.

For instance mouthguards can be used for people who grind their teeth when sleeping. This prevents the teeth coming into contact and the wearing down of the tooth. It also reduces the incidents of breaking or fracturing teeth when grinding. 

Mouthguards can also be provided to children and adults who play sports. The guard provides a layer of protection from impacts that could break or dislodge teeth. 


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