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Children's Dentistry Alkimos

We want your child to have a good relationship with their dentist.

Whether it's their first trip or their tenth, it can be quite scary for children to visit the dentist. The team at Alkimos Beach Dental make sure that they provide a fun and inviting environment for children of all ages to receive exceptional dental service, helping your kids enjoy their dental experience with gentle treatments and a fun atmosphere. 


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What is Children's Dentistry?

Ensuring that your children's teeth grow properly is vitally important for their overall health as well as for their facial structure. Getting your child to visit Alkimos Beach Dental Centre from as early as six months can help us monitor and detect any issues that arise and fix them before they become a problem for your little one. We make sure that your children build a good relationship with their dentist so they can continue to live a happy and healthy life.

What Does Children's Dentistry Involve?

Part of our role as children's dentists is to monitor your kid's teeth as they develop and prevent any issues from arising. Some children can continue to suck their thumbs well into their toddler years, causing their front teeth to protrude. Others find that their teeth impact one another as the teeth grow faster than their jaw. We help to maintain your child's oral health, change bad habits that develop, and teach good oral hygiene so that we prevent any dental disease and we treat any issues that arise as early as possible.

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