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Meet The Team

At Alkimos Beach Dental our goal is to provide the very best dental care to our patients. We are always researching over the hill developments in dental technology and techniques in order to provide you the best service and the best care.

QIP Accredited

We are a fully accredited practice by QIP and have achieved this by integrating the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards into our practice’s existing quality standards systems.


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Dr Paul Boulos - Principal Dentist
Dr Paul Boulos has over 30 years plus experience in the dental industry. He has a passion for all the latest technology in dental, and finding ways to make your dental visit less evasive and costly. During his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling.
Don O’Sullivan - Prosthetist
Don has over 30 years plus experience in dental industry. His warm and engaging demeaner is welcoming to patients and is passionate about what he does. Prides himself on combining the latest technology and good old-fashioned service. In his spare time, he enjoys boats and motorbikes
Jeanette - Hygienist
Jeanette is an experienced dental therapist, and has been in the dental industry for 36 years. See all ages children through to adults. She enjoys off Roading, D.I.Y and Camping.
Karen - Practice Manager
Our lovely practice manager Karen plays a crucial role in the running of the practice and the practice marketing. With 23 years in the industry, Karen is knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry and ensures all patients are cared for and leave the practice happy.
Alisha - Dental Nurse
Alisha is new to the dental industry, and has just completed her Cert IV in dental nursing, and is now training to be a dental Technician. Her ability to learn quickly and lovely demeanor makes her a great addition to the team.
Natalie - Dental Nurse
Natalie completed her Cert IV in dental assisting in 1994, she has 30 years of dental industry experience. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys walking her dogs and travelling.
Andrea - Receptionist
Andrea has 25 years of experience in the dental industry which includes being a dental laboratory technician, dental assistant and receptionist. In her spare time, Andrea is a keen baker and enjoys long walks and spending time with her family.